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What is Music Sweet?

Music Sweet is a very simple music library website which has been set up to showcase the music composed by myself. Composing Music is a wonderfully relaxing hobby of mine that I do in my spare time. Music has always been a special passion of mine and I love being able my hobby creatively. I wasn’t ever thinking of publishing the compositions with the online community, but somehow my hubby convinced me that a simple website would be easy to manage. So, why not? I wasn’t ever going to do anything with the compositions, so I might as well share them for public use. If people like them enough to want to use them in their creative videos / vlogs / YouTube videos, then they can. They are completely free. Not just royalty free, which doesn’t actually mean free to get hold of, but actually cost free. Why not try out the ‘Music Sweet shop’ for yourself and get yourself some free, original music that has probably not been used by anyone else before!

Music Sweet’s music style

Most of Music Sweet’s compositions are chilled, relaxed, atmospheric, moody pieces. The genre is akin to movie music or film score music. There aren’t any lyrics. Just orchestral / instrumental pieces with a Celtic / folk edge to try and create a particular mood or feeling. The music is sometimes a little sad or slow. Sometimes, it’s happy or uplifting. I generally try to create pieces that are inspirational or quietly epic! You’ll not find any groovy club beats here!

Inspiration for Music Sweet compositions

I follow some gorgeous vlogs on YouTube. Here are some of my favourites: Jonna Jinton; Leena Henningsen and Kalle Flodin. What I love about these vloggers is that they really know how to create an amazing sense of atmosphere with their beautiful videography and music choices. Their YouTube videos are incredible art works in themselves. These content creators – or actually, storytellers – are some of my biggest sources of inspiration. Each video they produce makes me feel so creative. If I had one goal with Music Sweet, it would be to be able to write beautiful, emotive pieces of music which would lend themselves to being used in these sorts of vlogs. The genre would probably be somewhere in the region of beautiful nature / travel / lifestyle vlogs.

What tools does Music Sweet use?

Keeping it simple and affordable with Garageband. Some ambient noises which I’ve recorded myself locally e.g. some waves; birds etc. I also like picking up new instruments and incorporating those sounds into my music.

How to use this website

The Music Sweet website is super simple. The main page Music Sweet Shop is a library of free music tunes that you can preview while still on the main page. Please note: the preview will give you a LOW QUALITY version of the free music so that it loads nice and quickly for you. There may be a little fuzziness with some of the tracks because of this. If you like what you hear, click on the tune’s image to take you through to the product page where you can easily download the HIGH QUALITY version for free. There’s nothing to pay and absolutely no account to create or annoying email list to sign-up to. I’m very sorry, I’m just not that interested in gathering anyone’s details! All I ask is that you credit where you got the music by a little attribution (see the very short and sweet Licence) – and that’s it! For the love of music…

Enjoy the music and if you feel like it, leave a comment or subscribe to my YouTube channel to be the first to hear new pieces as they are published.

Happy content creating!

Beth Patterson.